Welcome to Luminit Automotive Technologies! We are a leader in the fields of microstructure mastering and fabrication and specialize in advanced optical solutions for US-, European and Asian-based automakers and Tier 1 designers. Applications include precise beam shaping for LiDAR sensors, 2.5D and 3D custom injection molded parts for taillights and daytime running lights, Light Shaping Diffusers for head-up displays and diffusion and beam control for interior lighting and dashboards. Specialty optics include:

• Light Shaping Diffusers®
• Computer Generated Holograms (CGHs)
• Light Shaping Microoptics (LSM)
• Prismatics and advanced microstructures


Luminit Automotive Technologies is dedicated to providing automotive industry qualified mass production ready microstructure based lighting solution for both exterior and interior lighting needs.

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Light Shaping Microoptics

Precise LIDAR Beam Control Luminit’s Light Shaping Microoptics (LSM) can diverge, divert and shape r [...]

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Light Shaping Diffusers

Light Shaping with Advanced Optics Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers® enhance LED fixtures for automot [...]

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