Light Shaping Diffusers

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Light Shaping with Advanced Optics

Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers® enhance LED fixtures for automotive taillights, auxiliary lighting, dashboard panel illumination, and more and can be seen in vehicle taillights where the diffusion ability of Luminit LSDs allows lighting designers to homogenize and control the output of an LED light source. Unlike bulk diffusers, Luminit Light Shaping Diffusers use surface relief structures replicated from a holographically-recorded master, and these pseudo-random, non-periodic structures manipulate light by changing the direction of its energy. Because the principle of surface scatter is used instead of volume or bulk scatter, our LED diffusers have a much higher transmission efficiency (~92%) than conventional plastic diffusers.

When applied to taillights and daytime running lights, the LED light source or “hot spots” disappear for a more aesthetically pleasing signature design. Additional applications for our diffuser technology include heads-up displays, interior lighting, LIDAR beam shaping and more. Our Light Shaping Diffusers precisely shape, control and distribute light and are approved by AMECA as meeting the three-year weathering test of SAE J576 for plastics used in optical lenses and reflectors used on motor vehicles.  The high-performance diffusion ability of Luminit diffusers allows automotive engineers to design highly energy efficient taillights with high levels of uniformity.