Light Shaping Microoptics

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Precise LIDAR Beam Control

Luminit’s Light Shaping Microoptics (LSM) can diverge, divert and shape radiation from IR emitters and is actively being used in LIDAR applications. Our expanded mastering capabilities allow incorporation of a larger variety of micro-optical structures and resultant intensity profiles like flat-top and batwing. In-house direct-writing of masters, along with greyscale photolithography and advanced microscopy tools, allow pixel-by-pixel design and write capabilities for a full-range of micro-optics solutions at high volume production levels.

Luminit’s capability in greyscale photolithography allows the creation of advanced refractive (microlenses, prisms, Fresnels) and diffractive optics (CGH, phase plates) with feature sizes down to 1 micron. Optical outputs include flat-top intensity profiles, structured lighting (random dot generators, pattern generators), and custom illumination shapes (square, rectangular, logos). Luminit is now able to manufacture a variety of precise digital and analog microoptics that can later be replicated on a variety of plastic and glass substrates depending on thickness, temperature, and volume requirements.